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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 10 - Jay and Eliza!

If there were a musical number about how depressing this bar is, with its puke brown walls and the fact that four out of the five patrons here are passed out and the fifth one is viciously beating up his bar stool, it would go right here. But this isn't a musical, so there is no song.

It was just like that. The bar was to note: Penelope's - known throughout the port as the cheapest bar. Dylan sat down with a glass.

 "Now here, so who, so you've just arrived. It's just a pleasure to how do you know Jay?"

"Oh, well, he's the one who picked me up."

Eliza face said, "Oh, of course."

"And how do you know Jay?"

"Oh, me and Jay go way back. Ever since our parents introduced us."

"Oh, Jay's sister," thought Dylan.

"Tell me, is Jay still lame?" Eliza said as Jay walked in behind her in an unusually depressive state. "And does he still suck a lot?"

Jay sat down at the table they were sitting at, because they weren't sitting at the bar, because the bar was disgusting.

"Some people theorize that that could very well be true," he leaned back in the chair and said, he and Eliza then both standing up and hugging each other.

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