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Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 8 - They Ran as Fast They Could!

Dylan and Eliza ran as fast they could - faster than as fast as they could from the violent angry Vikings that they had both violently angered.

"Really, thank you for that. Also hi, I’m Eliza," said Eliza.

"Dylan," said Dylan. " I have a series of questions."

"Shoot," said Eliza.

"Okay, first one. Who are those people and why were they trying to kill you? Second, what the hell is this place? Where are we? Third, is this some land where I have I died; is this my dying hallucination?"

"First, they're an ancient clan of Vikings that recently arrived here. Second, where you are is the Pirate Continent. It's a place where the .1% of shipwrecked people end up. Three," Eliza slapped Dylan, "no."

"Good to know."

Eliza looked around and could hear the distinct machinations of Sid and his gang. She figured they must be over on his lake.

"Hey, would you like to not be killed by a group of angry Vikings who have seemingly tripled in size?”

"Yes, very much," said Dylan.

"Okay, so here's the thing. Would you be willing to jump into a lake full of sharks?"

"No," said Dylan.

"Okay. Well, we're going to."

Eliza violently tackled Dylan, punched a hole into what Dylan could now perceive as very unfit wood, and as it cracked down and she looked around the island, she came to the realization that this wasn't an island at all, not a traditional island. It was an island made out of ancient ships that must be so old they turned into a landscape. As she fell through what must have been one of the first ships mankind ever sailed, she appreciated how her life had allowed her to see a place such as this.

Then she was surrounded by sharks.

The Berlin 88 : INT. 1883 TAVERN NIGHT

The Berlin 88 : INT. 1883 TAVERN NIGHT

Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 7 - Enter Eliza!

Adventures in the Pirate Continent: Episode 7 - Enter Eliza!