"What Would Diplo Do?" A Review

 So I'm watching this new show with James Van Der Beek, What would Diplo Do? Yeah,  and I'm laughing and I never really watched Dawson's Creek because it aired before my time and I'm a boy. But I really liked him on "Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23" and I'm watching the show and I'm watching and I'm watching the show and I'm  laughing and it's about and this is apparently real person an EDM DJ and you know I'm not really been a fan of EDM you know I am I think it's pretty funny and the direction is also pretty good I'm watching an hour and for like a minute for like a very brief  minute I think I get EDM I think I kinda  got it.

Well here is the full episode of what would diplo do? Judge for your self. 

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