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SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Nick Foles

SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Nick Foles

To use "the Cinderella story" is an understatement when talking about Nick Foles. When Carson Wentz was injured and Foles had to step up to the plate, proverbial though it may be, he shocked ... everybody by doing ... really quite, quite good. I got a chance to sit down with Nick Foles before he went into the game.

So, it is an amazing event that led you to this place.

“Oh, yeah. I'm just really, I'm just, it's, you know, it's, so shocked. I'm thankful to a lot of people. My parents. God. You know. And I just hope that ...” said Nick Foles.

Unfortunately, he sang for over five minutes. Inexplicably, there was music backing him up, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Also, a lot of the lyrics seemed to be cribbed from "The Music Man."

“That's pretty much how I feel.” Said Nick Foles.

That is amazing, Nick. I'm shocked by the sheer amount of theatrically dance moves you were able to perform that quickly.

“Oh, that's just nothing. You know, when I was in Austin, Texas ... working in my parents restaurant, I had all the kids used to say to me, "Nick Foles, you'll never, never achieve your dreams." And I was like, "I'll show you. I won't take this standing down. I'll be the greatest quarterback they'll ever see," and when I finally made it to the NFL, I did not do that and I had to sit and wait for my chance. But like they say, the big but then right before the Super Bowl the quarterback hurt himself.” said Nick Foles.

oh boy, he's, after that it was another song. And suddenly, other dancers start coming out and I could've sworn that, I could've sworn that Carson Wentz also was there. But the second he stopped singing, they all disappeared.

I mean, that was just beautiful. Beautiful, Nick. But now, about your plans.

“Well, my plans “  said Nick Foles.

Oh my God, he's starting to sing again. So much singing. I really did not expect him to sing this much. Well, thank you, Nick. That was fun. Good luck!

“Thanks!” said Nick Foles.




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