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Bruce Timm can unhinge his jaw like a snake and Five other things you don't know about Batman: The Animated Series.

Number one, Paul Dini always worked inside the walls.

Paul Dini    Batman: The Animated Series writer

It's true, the legendary Paul Dini was quoted as saying that, "He only liked to work within the walls, and every day he would find a wall, break it open with his special ax, and stay in there, and write for it, write in it until the day of the day where a fireman, or Bruce Timm would break him out." He said, "He liked the feeling of being trapped and hopeless. It really put him in the mind-scape of Batman, who's a small sad little boy who didn't know how to process grief correctly."

Number two, Tim Curry was almost the Batman’s arch villain, the Joker, until he met a real clown and felt for his plight.

Tim Curry joker   Batman: The Animated Series.

Tim Curry was all set to play the Joker, the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show, and man with the most evil sounding voice in the world. Also, he was really good in Clue. Was all set to play Batman's arch nemesis, the Joker, when he met a real clown and felt bad for him. It would only be later that Tim Curry, years down the line, would realize that it was a painting of a clown who was frowning and not an actual clown who was frowning. He admitted to himself, "Oh boy, that was a huge mistake," which he was quoted as later saying.

Number three, Bruce Timm can unhinge his jaw like a snake and/or Scooby-Doo.

Bruce Timm   Batman: The Animated Series

It's true, Bruce Timm, one of the legendary creators of Batman: The Animated Series, has an amazing ability to unhinge his jaw and eat copious amounts of food. Many of the writers were quoted as saying they were terrified and frightened of ever approaching him when he was eating his many sandwiches a day, but it's true.

Number Four, Sandman almost wrote for the show but then realized he was just a book

sandman Morpheus dc  Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman's main character of  Sandman, Morpheus, was almost hired as a writer after the whole staff went under. They later learned it was a fun prank by the the staff of Spider-man the animated series where they put peyote in their lobster bisque, but after two weeks of getting little to nothing from him they realized that they were all just talking to a book. It was the first comic book to get an Emmy nomination.

Number Five,  Kevin Conroy wore roller blades when voicing Batman

Kevin Conroy   Batman: The Animated Series

Kevin Conroy, one of the most definitive voices, has said that any time he was doing his recording for the Batman he would roller skate into the booth. It is said that is why so many lines in the show would be, "Oh no, I'm falling over."  That really made you think about the Man the Batman.


I would like to emphasize that there is no Batman theme week.

I would like to emphasize that there is no Batman theme week.

My son has a tragic misunderstanding of the nature of Batman.

My son has a tragic misunderstanding of the nature of Batman.