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Oh no its just me and this Lady alone in this street

Oh no its just me and this Lady alone in this street

You have had a good night Kipp. It's 3 in the morning and all you have to do is walk a few blocks home. It's super late at night.

There are a bunch of woods and I am alone.

You're doing good. Just 3 left turns and you're home.

OK, putting one foot in front of the other foot. You're doing well.

Oh no. There is a lady.

We're the only ones here. Yep, we're going in the same direction. Yep, she is looking back at me. I know what this looks like. I'm sorry, it would make this worse if I yelled, "I will do nothing to you." Right, that's out. Right, yea, that would be worse, most definitely worse to just yell, "I have no ill intention towards you lady." Okay, let's hope she's not taking the left. Please don't take that left. Please, please, please, please.

Nope, she's taking it, and now she's walking faster. Yep, this has gone from bad to worse. I really don't want to make her uncomfortable. I'm a cool guy. Here, this is what I will do. I'll take out my phone and look at it leaning against the building. I'll look all cool, just taking out my phone and looking at my pictures. Gosh, I was so full of life then. I should look up Jeff .

There, she's gone. No worries now, we just take this last left. Oh hell! Hell! There she is. She must live in my building. It's 100% worse now. It'll look like I am following her, that looking at my pictures on my phone was meant to throw her off.  Yep, she is running all fast. Like it's going to be weird. She made it to the front of the building. 

I know what I will do, what would make the most sense. I'll jump into these bushes. So she will just go in and in a little while I will go in. It will be perfect. It will be all good. It will be great. No, no, no, no, no. Why has she not gone in the building? She is looking in her pockets and her bag. Damn, damn, damn. She can't find her keys. This is bad. She is looking even more scared now. Damn, damn, damn. There they are. I see them. She must have dropped them.

Okay, I know what to do.

I just jump out of the bushes.

"Um, you dropped your keys," I yell, running far away. 



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