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Four things you didn't know about Quantum Leap.

Four things you didn't know about Quantum Leap.

1; Scott Bakula, totally method the whole way.

This is what he has to say in the 2003 interview, GQS magazine.

Yeah, I would definitely describe myself as a method actor. I follow the Stanislavsky method completely, not the famous one of course.

Everybody always talks about the first book he wrote, nobody ever talks about the numerous other books he wrote on acting methods, including the one I followed, which was, of course, pretend every other person in the scene is a giant spider. If you look really closely at most episodes of Quantum Leap, you'll see pure fear in my eyes. That's because every time I look at them I go, "Oh look, a giant spider has broken in and is about to hurt or damage me."

2; Dean Stockwell had a bit of an eating habit.

It seems that Dean Stockwell always had a peculiar habit before he filmed each scene, that's according to this interview from the creator in Billiards, Billiards , Billiards and Bakula Magazine.

Oh, Dean was of course a constant professional gentleman, but we always had this one issue. Every scene, before every scene, Dean insisted, to get a real handle on the scene, he had to eat a pie, a rhubarb pie. It created massive difficulties, we went through 80 - 50 pies in a week, and the shocking thing is, I have no idea how he was able to keep off that pie weight. Some days I can still smell the rhubarb pie. At a certain point Dean insisted I had to cook them all. At some point if I thought I was secretly a giant pie baking me.

3. A proposed episode would have seen Sam leaping into the body of Godzilla.

It's true. One of the failed episode pitches was that Sam Beckett would leap into the body of noted monster, Godzilla. When asked about this development, the creator of the show, Donald J. Bellisario, was stated, yeah, we totally were like, "Yeah, let's have him be Godzilla for a while". We had this whole scene planned where there'd be this big fight between Sam and Gamera

Somebody mentioned that Gamera was actually owned by a was actually not owned by Toho' but by Kadokawa and I was like, "No, you're wrong! You're wrong, Martin Scorsese! You get out of here. You get out of this television producing room right now. I won't have any of this. Leave and never return! Your film industry cache is dead! Dead!"

Needless to say, I was very wrong but it's all cool. I had a phone call with Marty later and he was like "Whatever bro, it's super dank now" and I was like "Yeah, I know. Dude, it's never been more dank than it is right now".

4. Despite the show being about time travel, only once went on the NBC time machine.

It was the irony of ironies. NBC have this beautiful, as quoted by Scott Bakula, in this 1996 interview with Cool Teens who also wear fedoras and their dad lets them drive their vintage Mustang every once in a while magazine. It was crazy man, it was crazy. Little known fact, NBC have this huge time machine in the back office, in the basement, it was like most time machines, it was like styrofoam and cardboard and wood, and high and big like time machine and the cast never really got to go into it, bar once.

You know who always got to go into it? That's right, the cast of Friends. And they would always describe to me how interesting the dinosaur times were and despite what ... there were caves - like Ross from Friends got to hang out with cavemen - who Ross always said were, they were cool. He always said they were, they would go like "Yah, Ross from Friends, I'm totally cool, yah Ross from Friends, I'm a real big fan of your television show, Friends". And Ross from Friends, and Ross a.k.a David Schwimmer, that's a little inside Hollywood hint for, hint ... would always go like ... he said to me that he said to them, "Wait, aren't you just cavemen? How can you talk? And know of the hit television show Friends?" And the cavemen would always go, "Dude, this isn't a real time machine, haven't you noticed that all the dinosaurs are 5 feet high and made of styrofoam? This is just some weird exhibit, we're like an exhibit or something, I don't know." And Schwimmer was always like, "Man, the past is real different, I didn't expect that to be the past". And I was always like, "Dude, that sounds sweet."

Yeah but it was total bull crap that we never got to go in the time machine.

Wow, what an interesting display, What an interesting story from the 90s at NBC.

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