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It's okay, Melissa Benoist. Yes, you're currently in an ancient Nordic ruin being pursued by a combination of what you can only assume of vikings and zombies.

Melissa Benoist with simley face

 You have enough time to sit down and work out your thoughts on paper. I guess this all started a few weeks ago. I was filming an episode of my hit show The Supergirl when I saw an advertisement in the local Vancouver hit Time magazine Vancouver Party Times Full Of Fun Things Magazine the magazine. One of the most unwieldy titles that I've ever seen. And they said that they were having a display of ancient Nordic axes.

Melissa Benoist odd face also like duck face

I of course decided it would be a fun adventure for me to go on. So I went there. Who would have known after seeing the elegant simplicity of the ancient viking ax, that I would have found my love of ancient viking axes. I spent the next several weeks collecting as many as I could. Also, while I was at the museum, one of the axes that they claimed that Odin himself wield, shone blue and was shining right on me. And then I felt compelled to get more of them. Don't know if that had any connection. Eh, whatever!

Melissa Benoist never even saw an ice cream befor

But then the question came. I had collected most of the axes known to people. Yet I still really wanted some more. And the forums I had been following about this had mentioned that there was a huge unexplored cave in Norway that was so deep but I thought it would be a fun experience for me to go there. So I went, and after several days of spelunking and walking, and trekking through the caves, I came on to this mysterious lost ship full of viking treasure. And as I entered it, suddenly the corpses began to rise, and I knew I was being pursued by viking zombies.

Melissa Benoist in hit show waco un like her other hit show the supergirl 

I guess I'm feeling nervous, but excited for this new opportunity in my life. Also, apparently, zombies are a thing that are a real thing. So, that was a fun confirmation. Oh well, I'll write more as I learn more. Just remember, just gotta keep repeating to myself, new episodes of The Supergirl air on Monday.

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The internet is just poisoning us

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