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Boy did that turn out great you done good today Melissa Benoist

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Boy, did that turn out positively. Okay, so it turns out that the zombies weren't exactly bad people. In fact, they were pretty decent people. It turns out that they were simply denied entrance into Valhalla and they were looking for somebody to achieve that for them, so I spent a very productive week in the middle of the filming break in my hit television show, Supergirl, grading and battling each one of them. I finished. I defeated all of them, and now they're all I hope successfully in Valhalla. That's what they said would happen next. I don't know. I can't confirm that. Can't confirm that. I have not entered. I have not been defeated by battle and entered into and crossed the rainbow bridge. That's not for me to decide. What I'm just simply saying is it was a productive week and a great life experience on my part, so good, yay for me. young and cute and allsinging

I don't know what I'm going to do now. I'm back filming my show. Going to go on my perfectly normal life as a television star, and also in the upcoming Waco. I'm also in that miniseries Waco. It's just all going so well. There's another thing I have in mind. I mean, yeah, it's crazy. Crazy. I'm not going to do it. I might do it. Okay. Okay, so here's what I was thinking, just, just thinking a little bit. Okay, so what's the problem everybody has with trying to break the land speed record? I know what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking. It was already achieved by British Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green, and it's currently 763.035 miles per hour. Why are you thinking about this? You should not be thinking about this. You should be focusing on your hit television show and other ventures.

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But then I got to thinking, if I really want to get into the mind of the Supergirl, what I should do is try and go as fast as her. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's probably what I'm thinking. I'm certainly not thinking I just really want to go fast, super fast. I mentioned this to Grant, and he was like, "What are you talking about? I don't understand why you're bringing this up to me?" I was like, "Grant, because you know of the Don't you want to go over 800, 900 miles per hour in this car that came to me in a dream?" He's like, "What dream?" I was like, "Oh, right. Yeah. I forgot to mention that. I've had a dream recently about the design of a car. It was spoken to me in an ancient language that I shouldn't have known how to speak, but I don't know, it seemed pretty reasonable, so I think I'm going to do it."

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We're going to be filming a bottle episode pretty soon, and that usually means a lot of down time, so yeah, that's probably when I'll do it. Plus I'm not going to be featured super heavily in that one episode. Yes, yes, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely. I'll have time to do it. Just another normal day for Supergirl. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa. Your name is Melissa. You're just a normal human being who's going to build the world's fastest car in a weekend. Yeah. Anyways, talk to you later. Anyway, diary, I'll write in you later, after I've broken it. Hopefully nothing will go wrong.

Okay Melissa Benoist, so something did go wrong breaking the land speed record

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