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SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Tom Brady

SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Tom Brady

George:     Tom Brady, head quarterback for the New England Patriots! Welcome, it is great to talk to you once again, after all these years.

Tom Brady:     you got a new job.

George:     Huh? Yes, yes I did! It's ... it's a ... it's an interesting new position they offered me. Almost complete editorial control over my own articles and to pay me in gold doubloons.

Tom Brady:       That's fun. I mean, be nice if you told me about it.

George:     Well Tom, although I respect you tremendously, we've only met three times.

Tom Brady:       Yeah, but I still thought we were best friends.

George:     Tom I've met you only three times. Why would you assume we're best friends?

Tom Brady:       Well every ... well, why do you and everybody else just keep wanting to talk to me? You're all just a collection of my best friends!

George:     Tom, are you aware of the concept of journalist?

Tom Brady:       I'm aware of the concept of journalist. That's crazy! It's not like I wouldn't be aware. I have, like, records and stuff.

George:     Tom, Tom, Tom. I'm gonna ask you a simple question. Just follow me here ... What is a journalist?

Tom Brady:       That's ridiculous! Like you would even ask me about that stuff! Ugh! Ugh! UGH! So crazy.

George:     Okay ... So we're gonna move on from this because I'm pretty sure you'll never admit anything.

Tom Brady:       Ugh, whatever.

George:     So Tom, um ... I've gotta ask you, what's your biggest fear going into the game today?

Tom Brady:       Oh, you know, the normal stuff. Ghosts.

George:     Now Tom, do you believe in ghosts?

Tom Brady:       Yeah. Everybody believes in ghosts. I mean, it was a big movie.

George:     Tom, are you talking about the film Ghost?

Tom Brady:       Yeah, with Patrick Swayze. And ... Demi Moore. It was directed by Jerry Zucker, it was ... he directed outside of his standard stuff. He's more known for stuff like comedies, like the Airplane movies and Top Secret.

George:     And do you believe this is a true story?

Tom Brady:       No, I don't believe it's a true story. That's crazy! I believe it's a real movie.

George:     I'm confused by this.

Tom Brady:       if you believe the legends anyways, which I do, it's a real thing!

George: Tom, we have talked numerous other occasions. Why are you just bringing up that now?

Tom Brady:       I don't know, you work for Camelot Magazine. We can talk, like, truthfully! We don't gotta talk about all that crap like, y'know it's gonna be a good game, I'm really excited ... No! We can talk about how the movie Ghost is most likely a real movie!

George:     Okay. It is ... something.

Tom Brady:       Wait a minute. What time is it?

George:   it's around 2:00.

Tom Brady:       Oh my gosh! I just remembered, I gotta go!

George:     Where?

Tom Brady:       Like ... places.

George:     Tom, you know you have to go to the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady:       I'm aware of that, and I will be going to the Super Bowl. But ... just ... I just got a text from my phone saying that Philadelphia Cinema is having a special screening of the film Ghost.

George:     Tom! Tom, you have to go to the game.

Tom Brady:       I will go to the game!

George:     Tom, don't go see the film Ghost.

Tom Brady:       Right. Got it. Wink!

George:     Tom, why did you just say wink?

Tom Brady:       I didn't say wink, I did wink! See, look. Wink!

George:     You said it, but you didn't do it.

Tom Brady:       Whatever. Tom Brady out! Boom!

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