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SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Doug Peterson

SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Doug Peterson

Now, Doug Peterson isn't like your everyday coach of a major football team. A former   a former player for the Green Bay Packers, America's team. His office is small  his office is small, but useful. He says to me: the reason he likes the smaller office, is because he doesn't want to be above anybody.

It's just   He said when he was a child, he loved the stories of King Arthur, and often thought of himself as that.

He tells as I sit down in his equal-height chair, they're both beautifully comfortable. He leans back and says: "Yeah, I do love coaching the Eagles. When I was livin' in Ferndale, Washington, an eagle would often come to me in my dreams. He would speak to me of such wonderful things and only occasionally would he ask me to burn the school down. I never listened, don't worry about old Dougie here."

George Kramer: "So, what's your strategy for winning the game?"  

He took a long breath as he let the words ruminate in his head, until he finally said:

"Well, like King Arthur, and his noble knights, I'm largely hoping that no wizards come and screw anything up.

Is that a legitimate fear you have?

Doug Peterson: oh, a big fear! Both of the every Super Bowl   well, the biggest fear is wizards comin'. Wizards are notoriously tricky people and they often like to make bets on the Super Bowl. It ends badly.

George Kramer:            Mr. Peterson?

Doug Peterson:             Please, call me Doug.

George Kramer:            Okay, Doug. I've been a Sports Reporter for about 10 years and I've never heard of wizards interfering in the game. I would not mention it.

Doug Peterson:             Most NFL coaches don't bring it up, but it's a thing. Trust me, I've met a wizard or two among many searches for the Holy Grail.

George Kramer:            What? (spiting out my water)

Doug Peterson:             Of course! It was somethin' me and the collection of Knights Templar and engaging every once in a while ... you know, for fun? There's a big promotion if you get it.

George Kramer:            You're a member of the Knights Templar?

Doug Peterson:             Did I mention that? No, I wouldn't say so. ... wink.

George Kramer:            Honestly, do none of you know that you don't have to say wink?

Doug Peterson:             What did I do!? I just said, "wink".

George Kramer:            You don't have to say wink! Just wink!

Doug Peterson:             Okay. I get ya' ... wink.

George Kramer:            You know, I have to say. It's almost like, all you people are secretly crazy, but you don't reveal it unless it's anybody else.

George Kramer:            I don't know what you're talkin' about!  It's me, Douggie Paterson. Head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I was the backup quarterback to Brett Favre and every year, me and our group of Knights Templar, go shopping for the Holy Grail. I've often had to do  I'm an expert swordsman and I have fought many'a griffins and wizards.

George Kramer:            I'm gonna head out...

Doug Peterson:             You come back! Anytime you wish! We always appreciate people!

This might be a strange game.


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