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SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Brian Hoyer

SuperBowl Coverage Interview with Brian Hoyer

George Kramer:   Wow, what an exciting first quarter. We're here with Brian Hoyer, the second string quarterback for the New England Patriots. How are you feeling today, Brian?

Brian Hoyer:     What's your name?

George Kramer:            I'm George  Kramer.

Brian Hoyer:     That's an odd name. Were your parents big fans of Seinfeld?

George Kramer: No. Kramer is a common last name.

Brian Hoyer:     But your first name's George. You're a girl. That's an odd name for a girl to have.

George Kramer:   No, it's not. Short for Georgia. Very common name. Whole state's named after it.

Brian Hoyer:     I don't think so. I think your parents were big fans of Seinfeld and that's what they  

named you after.

George Kramer: Listen, that's not what we're talking about.

Brian Hoyer:     I wanna call them and see if it's true. Can I have their number?

George Kramer: No.

Brian Hoyer:     That's okay. I'll just type every single number till I figure out which one it is.

George Kramer:            What? No, that's crazy. That'll take millions of years.

Brian Hoyer:       Did it on the first try. Yes, the best. Hi, Mrs. Kramer? Did you name your daughter after   the Seinfeld character? Oh, you did? Knew it. Thank you.

George Kramer: Okay, she named me after a character from Seinfeld. That's not that big a deal.

Brian Hoyer:  I'm just saying I was right.

George Kramer: Okay, fine, you were right. Why was it so important to you?

Brian Hoyer:   Because I like being right.

George Kramer:  Most people like being right.

Brian Hoyer:  But I like being really right. I have so little in my life.

George Kramer:    You're a professional football player.

Brian Hoyer:     God. I'm really just a second stringer.

George Kramer:            Well, you're still a professional football player. You're the second string to Tom Brady.

Brian Hoyer:     Who?

George Kramer:   Tom Brady.

Brian Hoyer:     Who is that? Is that some guy you know?

George Kramer:            No, he's the quarterback for the New England Patriots. The team you're on.

Brian Hoyer:     Ohh. I'll be honest, I don't really follow football that much.

George Kramer: What?

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, I don't follow it. I'm more into football.

George Kramer: Soccer? You're more into soccer?

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, I like soccer. Most people at the Wilderness Camp like soccer.

George Kramer:            What? What Wilderness Camp?

Brian Hoyer:     Oh, you never heard about the Wilderness Camp? Where all the second string quarterbacks live and work with each other, and live in harmony? And we sing fun songs all day, and we rake leaves, and place rocks to achieve zen?

George Kramer:            Okay.

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, it's fun. I enjoy it so much.

George Kramer:   Why did I never hear about that when I was at ESPN?

Brian Hoyer:     I don't know. That's old news to ESPN. Who do you think sponsors the place?

George Kramer: ESPN?

Brian Hoyer:     No, but ESPN has run ads for them before.

George Kramer: Is it Coke?

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, it's Coke.

George Kramer: Well, that was a fun fact to learn.

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah. You work for Camelot, so we can talk about whatever.

George Kramer:   I don't understand. I just work for Camelot Magazine now; it's not even that big a deal of a magazine. The only reason I'm working for it is because they seem to have a lot of pirate treasure.

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, they do get a lot of that. Anyways, I can usually tell what I feel on Camelot. It's such a small thing that nobody would even care to look into it. What does it get? At most, 40 people a day? That's nothing. Nobody would bother to even look into it.

George Kramer:            I guess.

Brian Hoyer:     Yeah, you guess. Well, anyway, gotta go. Manchester is playing.


Wow. Justin Timberlake did such a job.

Wow. Justin Timberlake did such a job.

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