Local Diner Big Hit with New Sandwich

 Local Houston diner Bev's has one of their big new hit sandwiches. Until recently this diner was unremarkable, but it has slowly become the center of the sandwich world with its new sandwich The Rutabaga, which uses authentic Russian cheese. It has become so popular they say many people from all around the world come to eat just this sandwich.

clubhouse sandwich

The lines have been getting as long as five, ten months. People now quit their jobs and leave their families to enter Bev's. A small society is forming around Bevs', and Bev herself, who died sometime in the early 70's, has been elevated to God status in the line. The line gets longer each and every day. And the line members claim that someday Bev shall return. Long live Bev! Long live Bev! Long live Bev! Long live Bev!

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