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The End of the F-ing World. Wow yes! An objective review.

The End of the F-ing World. Wow yes! An objective review.

Boy, this thing came out of nowhere. I hadn't heard about this at all.  I saw a mention of it in the AV club, and I decided to watch the first episode, then I watched every episode. Boy, this one was fun. And brutally dark and bleak, and terrible, and really great, and I love it, and it's awesome.

I don't like most shows about teenagers, I guess is something I can say right off the bat. Well, 'cause most of them are drama, teenage dramas, and even when I was a teenager, I didn't like that crap, so I don't like it now.

I don't like them because I never like the characters, usually, in the end of those shows. I don't find them interesting, I guess. So they're all just really mean, and aggressive, and it's always about the betrayal, so I don't really like those types of characters. I did like the characters in this one though. In this show, one of the main characters, James, is plotting to kill someone, just to see what it's like. Huh.

Anyways, this is a Netflix import show, from England. It was based on a comic that I had never heard about, that I will be looking up at some point, starring Jessica Barden as Alyssa, and Alex Lawther as James - two deeply disturbed people in a form of love, and it's just one of those beautiful, bleak, pitch black comedies where the teenagers are hateful of everything. Boy, I can relate. I'm not sure what that says about me.

James is a burgeoning psychopath. Or is he? When he was a kid, he had been killing animals, and he is planning to upgrade to humans. And then there's Alyssa, whose life is miserable with her lecherous step-father, and has decided that James is a weirdo who stares uncomfortably for long periods of time, and hooks up with him. And James, of course, is planning to kill her. And through a collection of events, they go on a road trip. They have adventures; they maybe actually fall in love, and it's beautiful, and it's bleak dark comedy, and there's a lot of comparisons to Wes Anderson in it.

laid back and cool

I can see that a lot, but it's a little bit like if Wes Anderson grew up on on punk rock instead of Cat Stevens, and got really drunk and had his head smashed by a guy named Neil.

And it becomes like a road trip movie. I kept thinking it's like a younger version of Bonnie and Clyde, which is great.

There's something inherently appealing to me about stories about comedy and about maybe more cynical people. I guess I sympathize with the fact that neither of them buys into the societal world, and are inherently distrustful of it.

It's great, I love it. Part of me hopes they make a second season; part of me realizes that the story was great the way it ended, so, you know. Oh, and the chemistry between the two actors is just great. Boy. I am such a distracted reviewer. Anyways. I give it a solid recommend. This will probably get a further review from me later for an article series that I do here. So, yeah. End of the F-ing World. Boy did that just come out of nowhere, and I love it.

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