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Five Problems that only Intelligent People Will Face

Five Problems that only Intelligent People Will Face

Being intelligent is not a rarity in the modern world. Evolution has rendered humans into intelligent and high-functioning adults, sadly. Because ignorance is bliss. While intelligence has helped you sail smoothly over a lot of things in life, it has also brought in with itself its own set of problems and struggles. It’s not a rose without thorns, eh? Here are a few problems highly intelligent people inadvertently end up facing in life

Number 1: you'll struggle to make friends.

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It's sure lonely to be intelligent and nobody will accept you because your intelligence isolates you, so you go to a remote part of California to look for gold. You know that nobody will be around for hundreds of miles as you spend weeks desperately searching through all of your claim in hopes of finding your gosh darn gold. Beautiful, wondrous gold.

Number 2: People will think you're an arrogant know-it-all.

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Oh, they'll say it of you, "Oh Jim. You're crazy, for gold, the rush was hundreds of years ago. You won't find no gold." And then you're sadly going to have to tell them that they're wrong, and you're right, that you can feel it in them bones that gold is there. It'll be real depressin' and real sad when people go like, "God, please listen to me. Don't go to that remote part of California. Don't leave me dad." And I'll have to sadly inform Shelly that now I've got to do this. They just think I'm being an arrogant know-it-all.

 Number 3: finding a soul mate will be challenging.

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Oh, what a difficulty for us highly intelligent people who are searching for gold. They'll be like, "Dad, mom died here years ago in this very spot that you are mining for gold, and I know it's been tough to move on." And I'm not afraid at all of trying to meet somebody new. Why, I'm only 45 years old, and I'm a miner, dammit! That's why I'm going to. And I have no problems. Everybody else is the problem, that's why I went to remote claim in California and be there and live there for the rest of my life in the spot were my wife died.

 Number 4: you can stay sleep because of all the thinking


You'll be up 'til late in the night being unable to sleep. Oh, how they laughed at you when you said you'd be living by yourself, for the rest of your life,  searching for gold to become a rich man. Oh, but they'll know it soon enough. And it doesn't matter about the near daily calls from your daughter to come back, saying she misses her father and worries about you.  I'm perfectly happy up here, contentedly happy up here.

I do sit up late at night crying, because of the wolf attacks. At times you have to dumb it down for them. When my supposed in-laws called me and said, "Jim, you've gone crazy. Your daughter is up every night crying. She misses her mother, and now she misses you." I have to say to them, in much dumber terms, that I am not done fighting for gold, and I ain't leavin' until I find it. It's not even funny, buddy. But I sometimes have to go with the crowd.


Number 5: they can be prone to being unhappy and frustrated.

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Just because I'm out here in the middle of the desert, desperately searching for gold, doesn't mean I'm happy all the time. When I see visions of Joanna, calling out to me in the middle of the night saying, "Let the wolves take you. You will be happy there," I just get so gosh darn angry. Those visions of my dead wife just don't understand and appreciate that high level of intelligence that I have, and that is the problem that every super duper smart person faces.

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