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2018 Oscar Nominations

2018 Oscar Nominations

Here are the Oscar nominations for 2018.

For best supporting actor:

- Alistair Brainwhite for "Oh, my God. I've slipped in a bucket, and I can't fall down the stairs anymore, because I have done it so many times, and it hurts so very much."

-Raymond Delaquas for "Eating a ghost, the deliciousness multiplied."

-Billy Elliott, for the film "Billy Elliott, but not the one you're thinking of."

-Kermin Herring for "Whale Emporiata."

-Octavia Spencer for "Shape of Water."

-Fern Jdcfjwe for "The New Day Shall Become Again and Again and Again and then at one point, a dog will be there, but he'll be speaking with a British accent, and he'll be my friend, and his name is John."

-Sarah Remenitski for "Oh boy, guess what I have in my wallet. Wink wink.

-Tara Danakapetski for "Oh yeah, it's freaking World War II, and shit's going to get real crazy. And for some reason, Abraham Lincoln is here smoking a pipe."

-Zorin Alzazorsia for "Zorin Alzazorsia: a The true life story."

-Quadla Ferretian for "Jobs."


For best actress:

-Tina Marina Alenzina for "Oh boy, I can't wait to see it all, yeah, too."

-Ferno Canisterina for "Is that film just moving, or is the entire room spinning around? Oh, it's the first one? My mistake."

-Jennifer Lawrence for "Mother."

-Rena Moralena for "Oh boy, I have a pet duck now. I shall name him Byron, and we will be best friends, but then sadly Byron dies, and I grow really sad about that. But then, I realize that death is just a natural part of life, and I accept it. But then Byron comes back to life, and he's a zombie now, and he bites me, and then I become a zombie, but then I learn an important lesson about love, and everybody's happy, and I die, and then everybody's sad."

Executive Decision: for Ooh La La,

Sharina for "If you believe in love"

For best actor:

-Billy Carudakatia for this movie, it just seems to be a bunch of credits, two hours, three hours of credits. Oh boy, it just keeps going on. Wait a minute, is that a voice? I hear it. It's some sort of voice. It's beautiful. I love it. Let's keep watching. Ooh, a scene is playing. Now another scene is playing. But this just seems to be a six hour long track in front of a house. I was bored at first, but then I became compelled, then I got bored again. Now, I'm very compelled.

- Rare Masela for "Mreoooow, haaaaaa, roar, roar, roar, meow, meow, meow, roar, roar, roar, meow, meow, meow, roar, roar, roar, roar", a true story.

-Tom Hanks for "The Post."

-"Dave's Red Car" for hey, look at Dave's new sweet ass red car.


Best Director:

-Willie Plee Lomite for "Executive decision"

-Jessie Thompson "The female version."

-Jessie Thompson for "The Male Version."

-Steven Spielberg  for "The Post."


Best Picture Nominees are:

-"Oh no, is that a vampire over there? Let's go check it out. It could be a vampire. He's wearing a cape.  He could also be a musician.  We need to examine further." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"Wowie Maui, ahoo, a box of chocolates for myself! Thanks! I'm going to enjoy these in the bathtub." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"Whoo, I didn't even knowwww the woman seal." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"Executive decision." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"The totally true time that Jerry Bruckheimer met a bunch of cool, single ladies, and then he got to save the world by blowing up all the bad guys." Scott Rubin, producing.

-"The Post, Steven Spielberg, producing. Amy Pascal, producing. Christian Makosiko, producing.

-"I didn't think I could fit 12 cheese balls in my mouth!" Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"What about love between a turtle and another turtle." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"This cliff doesn't look that far. I think I can jump off of it, and I would live." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

-"Entourage 2, the re-entouraging." Jerry Bruckheimer, producing.

Now that's it, your list of Oscar nominees for 2018. Believing ones were left off the list, talk about it in the comments section.


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