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Phantom Thread Review

 “Phantom Thread," a new movie from Paul Thomas Anderson. It good. It's really good. I liked the movie. I watch it and I'm like, "I don't know anything about dressmaking so it'd be interesting thing to watch a thing in a world I don't really understand. It all looks to me like sci-fi world, which is fine." This supposedly Daniel Day-Lewis' last movie, which makes me sad because Daniel Day-Lewis is really good in this.

Daniel Day-Lewis nsfw


The first opening scene, I thought, was a little weak, very expeditionary dialogue, but after that, it fun movie and when I say fun movie, I know what you've seen. You've seen all the trailers and it be like this is a period piece about a dressmaker. You'd go like, "Yawn. That boring," even though it directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, but you not know who that is. Or maybe you do. Most likely you do, but you go, "It's still a dressmaker movie. What big deal? I bet it boring movie. Just romance."

Daniel Day-Lewis as  Reynolds Woodcock playing his new Nintendo switch.

No. No. It's shockingly funny. It got a lot of humor. There's one point where it gets a lot of humor out of somebody buttering their toast. I ain't even joking about stuff like that. That made me laugh.

I went in without knowing much of anything about the plot, but the plot of it is Daniel Day-Lewis plays high-class dressmaker. He is regimented, but vaguely lonely life. His sister Lesley Manville helps, works with him and the two are real high-class and well-liked dressmaker. He goes to vacation and he meets girl Phantom Thread. He likes the girl Vicky Krieps. Girl younger, but this his type of movie. I'm not usually a fan of that just because it reeks of egotism, but this one justifies it in a lot of ways.

He meet girl and they get in a relationship and the relationship is fraud. I don't want to spoil a lot of things because ... Let me just say though that the ending you don't see coming. I'll just say these are two very damaged people. It's like, "Whoa, man. It cool."

Cinematography great. I had read about how there was no one cinematographer and a group effort and at times I noticed that, but it was an interesting approach to it. Styles change ever so slightly every once in a while, but you don't notice shit like that. It beautiful to look at film. Anderson's love of film, it's in full display and I'm like, "Whoa, man. That cool. I like that."

Lesley Manville

Film has great texture, much better texture than you see in a lot of things. Supposedly, this Daniel Day-Lewis' last movie. It weird movie; weirder than you think it is. He did it great. His character is such a asshole throughout movie, but in real funny way and you get a real sense of the artist behind it. If Daniel Day-Lewis really retiring, tragedy, but then also it great collection of films.

I hear this is a take ... This be Paul Thomas Anderson's take on the ivory merchant stuff. I've never seen an ivory merchant film, but now I wanna see one. I think that'd be fun to watch. I've been trying to find one on streaming. It appears not to be on streaming anyway so I'm probably gonna have to buy that movie at some point, but whatever. I'll probably start with the Daniel Day-Lewis one ... I think it called "Room with a View." Yeah. That the one I think it called.

 Phantom Thread on the set paul thomas anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson, big hero of mine, but what I like about his movies is and there's a little bit like Christopher Nolan in other ways, but they two very different directors and I'm not trying to equate them, but watching his movie, it only takes me one or two scenes to really get hooked into the world this is giving. One  movies it takes me a little longer and this one was like, "Boy, I'm into it."

Should mention the music by Jonny Greenwood, the Radiohead guy. I love his music. I listen to his soundtracks all the time. It beautiful music. I hear there's a good chance he win Oscar for this. If he does win Oscar, that would be freaking great. Of course, he should'a won Oscars for most of the movies he's done, but whatever. Since when is the Academy given Best Score to rock musicians, expect all those times they've done that? But I don't know. Whatever. The Academy has gotten lame as of late. I don't know. Maybe it's always been lame, but they've been constantly shutting out Paul Thomas Anderson movies as of late. but whatever.

Vicky Krieps Luxembourg

Is there anything else to talk about? Yeah. Okay. Let's talk about performances, I guess. I think the main girl does really good, Alma. She a good actress. I think she's German. Friend I took this to who does not like these types of movies at all really and really liked this movie, contended that she was playing French so I'll just look it up neat she from Luxembourg! that's cool.  I think she did really good 'cause she's supposed a really nice person, but you can see the pain behind the eyes.

The lady who played the sister was also really good. As of now, I'm ready to declare this movie the best movie I've seen this year. I counted this as a 2018 movie not as a two thousand I mean 2017 not 2018. Just because I've been busy for a while and now that I have free time. This is a movie that came out last year and it's all about last years so ...

What big movie now? I don't know. I don't know what big movie now. Oh, "Paddington 2." Right. Yeah. That's it. I haven't seen the original, but anyways, that doesn't matter 'cause we're talking about "Phantom Thread." I really wanna see this movie again probably. I'm gonna go off on a limb here and say this might be one of my favorite movies I've seen ever. Yeah.

I haven't seen "There Will Be Blood" in a while. Should've watched that again. Anyways, "Phantom Thread" is great. It's surprisingly ... It has a lot of dark comedy moments that you don't expect and a brilliant performance from Daniel Day-Lewis and the rest of the cast. Fantastic direction. It's everything you want in a Paul Thomas Anderson movie with dark twists along the way that you don't really expect, but it was fantastic. I give it a solid recommend.

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