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How is Almond Milk Made

Well the despot of all human knowledge of Star Wars trivia has this to say.

"The basic method of modern domestic almond milk production is to grind almonds in a blender with water, then strain out the almond pulp (flesh) with a strainer or cheesecloth. Almond milk can also be made by adding water to almond butter."

Almond milk

 So that's it. Boring, right? So let's jazz it up and tell a much better story. The great and powerful dragon Ohlock the Wise lives in the Himalaya Region. Every night Ohlock the Elder Dragon leaves his Himalayan home to go to a small jazz club where they play the smoothest silkiest jazz. He even thinks about the tragedy of his life and about how he is the only dragon remaining. Will it end with him? Who will listen to the smooth silky tunes that jazz players lactate in, the freaking sweet free improvisational stuff?

 He would talk about how he felt it was a healthy alternative to sitting alone in his cave and occasionally going out and scaring sheep. At one point when I met him he had been practicing the trumpet. He said he would never be good enough at it to really play it well, and that, like most things, made him sad. At some point the club started to offer almonds and he would scarf them down and when he would cry there would be almond milk coming from his eyes, and that is where Almond Milk comes from. Which one is true - is it mine? Who knows.

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