Is life a highway - the question that has plagued philosophers for generations. Thousands upon thousands of questions: is life a highway, and can you ride it my way all night long? An interesting concept put forth by the ancient Greek philosopher Rascal Flaticus. The question was simple. As you live through your life, is it fundamentally like a highway?

Now some might say this is maybe a dumb easy-to-understand metaphor that would only come up with drunk desperately shallow country men, or a music star whose only real deep thought has been literally ‘Life is a highway and I’ve Got to Ride it my Way All Night Long’. But no, no, no, the truth of the matter is that ‘life is a highway and I’ve got to ride it my way all night long’ is actually the single, deepest idea that the world has ever heard. In fact it’s so deep, and so intelligent, that to simply try and describe the true meaning of the lyrics that sound so banal and terrible as “Life is a Highway and I’ve Got to Ride it my way all Night Long” would drive a person to madness, as was the case with Doctor von Slincfarther who hit on what the deep meaning of what the thing was. He was eventually found three days later at the bottom of a ravine, nude, screaming of death-filled things. So heed my warning:


do not look further into “Life is a Highway and I’ve got to Ride it my Way All Night Long”. The world is fine without knowing it, because if you want to know the true nature of the thing, it would eat you alive. Don’t do it. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful weird music of Rascal Flatts. The mad prophets whose connection to the ethereal other world has brought in horrors, terrifying horrors – so many. Have we been abandoned? Are we alone in this universe? That is all I can see when I listen to the lyrics of Rascal Flatts, and particularly “Life is a Highway and I’ve got to Ride it my Way All Night Long”. We will soon perish, and the Rascal Flatts will continue on and on. Madness will overcome us all. Anyways, that’s my review of Is Life a Highway. To answer the question- maybe, I don’t know.

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