Hey do you remember Summer vacation . No ohh well let's talk about it then

I finely got my hands on a drone. It took off like a bat out of hell because I was all thumbs with flying it and crashed it into a tree. My very patient teacher was at his wits' end. I kept almost crashing them throughout drone flying class.

“I’ll take it” is what he said. What he clearly wanted to say was,“I’m The Big Cheese; you’re a babe in the woods with this who has bitten off more than you can chew. Me trying to teach you this is like beating a dead horse. This whole class with you has been me bending over backwards for you. I am tired of being bent out of shape for you. So sorry to burst your bubble, but just go sit down on the bench and be bored to tears.”

So I did because this video was no labor of love for me. I kept a stiff upper lip. They finished filming The Fast and Furious parody without me. What had begun as a dumb joke on my part about how we should use the drone to film a car chase on golf carts turned into an hour-long talk about how this less-than-a-minute video, that no one would see (even us), would be received by people in China. It was all talk, no action. It drove me to my wits' end. That was on me a little. I forgot to keep cucumber cool. That’s what I did with my summer vacation.

Camelot Magazine Issue One is out now

Camelot Magazine Issue One is out now

The Illuminati would like to know what Memes are - not because they don't know what they are, but just because they think you could explain it better than they could