A review of Thor: Ragnarok - a movie I haven't seen

Yes a review of Thor: Ragnarok. Yes the movie hasn't come out yet and yes I have not seen the movie. Now most reviewers will tell you that it is impossible to do a review of a film without having seen it or without it even being released, but this magazine then briefly loses a turn to artificial intelligence because I believe in the impossible. Yeah I believe in the impossible; that's why Sean Arnold will review Thor without even seeing the movie. A Chris stars as the Norse god Thor. Cool, I'm told that Jeff Goldblum and Mark Ruffalo are also in the movie.

 Jeff Goldblum in thor

Jeff Goldblum, you have an off kilter performance with very charismatic tears. His excess makes him one of the most interesting character actors that has ever worked in Hollywood, from the mystical sprite that he was in Robert Altman's Nashville or the performance where he was robbed of an Oscar nomination in David Cronenberg's The Fly.


Chris Hemsworth I believe will give a charismatic performance and while not the greatest actor in the world has great charisma and truly deserves to be a movie star. A movie star I feel has good comedic timing and an innate vulnerability, Mark Ruffalo, is one of the better actors of this generation.  Anytime he says something on screen it is like he's just coming up with that idea off the top of his head. He is a very real actor in the movie, and his vulnerability will make him a good contrast to the cocksure Chris Hemsworth.

So I will give this movie in the future a high score - a four out of five.

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Hey I have a Kindle single out and it's about a film festival full of wizards

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