How I plan to save Radio Shack: an editorial from the new owner of Radio Shack

How I plan to save Radio Shack: an editorial from the new owner of Radio Shack

Hi everybody. Why don’t you come down to Radio Shack? Yah, we’re back. Radio Shack is back, buddy. No, not like previously. I just bought the name. It didn't cost me nothing. You know, we were going like to the movies and I was like, “Hey man, I wanna see this Wonder Woman movie.” Then there was this Mysterious Hooded Figure that Knows Something about Something, right, who had set up a stand right next to the ticket booth and she was like, ‘Hey man, do you want to buy the name Radio Shack?” It was the exact same money to buy the Radio Shack name as to see Wonder Woman, so after a lot of thought I bought Radio Shack.

I saw Wonder Woman the next day. So you know I own Radio Shack now. So I set up a little stand in my garage and I sell batteries and apple pies and good conversation. But I own Radio Shack now, so come on down. It used to be a garage; now it’s a Radio Shack.

 If I'm not there, you know, just come on in. Come in; talk to my mom; talk to my cats. You know I'll be right back. And then you can just buy batteries, or a pie, and we can talk for awhile, or whatever. I don’t get out a lot.

I’ll probably be there. I’m a bit of a homebody. So come on down to the brand new Radio Shack. You’ll love it and we can watch old Radio Shack ads on my computer. I’ve got a Toshiba. It’s cool, so come on down.


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