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An Interview with Garfield the Cat

Hello. We’re here talking to the most important cat of this generation or any generation – Garfield the Cat.

Garfield the Cat being all garfield


“Ho, ho, very funny, Garfield the Cat. Now, Garfield the Cat, my first question is, why do you hate Mondays?”

“Meow, meowww.”

“Ah, makes perfect sense, and if you were to read the strip you would perfectly understand the reasoning behind it. Uh, yes, because you have notorious bad luck on Monday, like the day almost hates you. That’s why you hate Mondays. That makes sense, Garfield the Cat. Thank you for telling me that. My second question for you, Garfield the Cat…..Where did Garfield the Cat go? Garfield the Cat has disappeared.”

“He left out that door.” said jason

We spent the next several weeks searching for Garfield the Cat – I and my editor Jason. We crisscrossed this country attempting to find him. We finally found him in a small limestone region in Utah Zion National Park.

Utah Zion National Park night

It was the middle of the night and Garfield the Cat was staring up at the moon. I asked Garfield the Cat why he felt compelled to stare up at the moon. Garfield didn’t answer, and Jason and I spent a quiet contemplative evening in the crisp Utah air. Later that day we left, feeling that we had learned much of what Garfield the Cat had hoped to teach us. I do wonder if some times the was Garfield or just some cat.

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