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An unpublished love letter by Kurt Cobain

This Was found stuck in his mail box last week

Who watches picture-in-picture? Like seriously, who watches that? Who in the world ever uses picture-in-picture? I'll tell you. Nobody use picture-in-picture. It is nothing but a useless thing. They say they can jack up the price because you can watch two shows at once, but nobody watches two shows at once.

Kurt Cobain

What you want to know is why nobody watches 2 shows at one time. Well, because it would make it unwatchable. You say to me, what about games? I'll tell you. If you really want to watch a show but also want to keep track of the game, do you not just take a freaking cell phone out and check the score? You know, keeping Oregon or keeping the score of your anything picture-in-picture is a dumb stupid thing that nobody ever, I'm sure nobody, ever figured out how to use. Anyways, that's all I got to say. I love you. Goodbye .

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