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A look at a Rock That Fell in Love

 One day there was a rock

And inexplicably he came to life

He had intelligence and grace

He was the smartest rock in the universe

But he was still just a rock

And he couldn't move or talk

But he could apparently see

Because he found love

With a girl

The most beautiful girl in the world

Who would sit their looking

At the moon

And cry

At its emotional distance

And for what the rock thought could only be for their lost love

And the rock

Thought that if somehow he would be able to talk

To this girl

And everything would be all right

Because there was a rock who could


But the rock was a rock

After years of trying

The rock finally realized

That even though it was the smartest being

In the universe

The rock could not move its body or express anything

And this girl he loved so much would never love him back

And this made the rock sad

The rock spent years contemplating this

Then the rock retreated inwards realizing that

His life would never turn out

The way the rock truly wanted

The rock imagined a life for himself

Where the girl he loved

The most beautiful girl in the world

Loved him and they had two children

Albion and Mason

And he could move and talk

Like one of those humans

But as the years passed on

And the rock didn't die

Because a rock lives forever

The rock retreated further inwards

And eventually the rock lost its identity

And in its own mind millions and millions of

Little rocks and people lives were formed

And the rock contained in its own mind

An entire universe

And as the years passed the rock forgot itself

And the universe continued to exist

And that's the story of a rock

Who fell in love with a girl

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