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Frodo Baggins is the Real Hero of Lord of the Rings

And now Camelot is proud to reprint an article from a 1984 issue with Pulitzer Prize owning reporter Jonathan Needlemeyer.

It is often theorized in the book, film, and finished play, that the true hero of J. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is actually Frodo Baggins’ loyal servant Samwise. Although many point to several theories, as Sam is the one who we begin the story with and end the story with, or the fact that Sam makes the most obvious change, or that most of the character actions are driven through Sam, and not Frodo, this is of course a lie.

Sam represents all the best that can come from an obvious class distinction. Why, if it weren’t for his upper crust master Frodo, Sam would have never even gone on the journey. All orders were done by a loyal servant to his master’s deference. It can often be interpreted that Sam is a personification of the way the upper class relentlessly helps the lower class by telling them what to do, and putting their lives at risk.

Frodo is the embodiment of the proper place of the upper class, being physically carried by the lower class into doing things. He’s also shown to lose much, like the fact when he refuses to give up the ring, and an even poorer person must sacrifice himself for it. When I discuss it with my many friends, while doing what every gentleman must, and lounging at the club, discussing the nature of rich people and how much better we are, I think of how wonderful I must be when I occasionally look into my servants’ eyes and yell at them for hours and hours, and I wonder if they truly appreciate my dedication to their betterment.

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