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A Look at the Game "Faith and a .45"

I want to write about the unmade game Faith and a .45 because it was a cool idea that was killed in its infancy by moron game publishers that thought that a game set in the '20's that centered on a romantic couple based on Bonnie and Clyde would not sell because Western games don't sell.

Yes they sell very badly

Yet we run into the same issue that the man ran into who wished to write about a 10,000 page history tome of The Republic of Benin . There is just not a lot there. I mean, there is this video of the lead developer talking about the things that went wrong.

Then what else is there? The trailer they put out is cool. That's a thing.

I am sorry. This is really trying to get blood from a stone. I could point out how the gaming biz is afraid of women that are not some sort of sexy trophy, but let's talk about that anyways. .................................. the gaming biz is afraid of women that are not some sort of sexy trophy; well we did that. Does anyone remember when Lifetime made a Bonnie and Clyde show with what's her name, and the women punching Speed Racer? So take that Lifetime. Your true story is you are a former medical channel which is called Lifetime. That is a fun bit of trivia. Another fun bit is that there is a Batman villain called Cluemaster . His best thing was being the dad to best Robin Stephanie Brown, that's right, I said it she is much more fun that the others who are like ok, but I just like her more, although I dislike that she used to be a lead but in the new universe she is now relegated to the love of Tim Drake, who I like fine. This speaks to DC. Having women who are not some sort of sexy trophies is similar to what killed Faith and a .45.

faith and a .45

Do you know in prison Clyde cut off his toes to get out of hard labor? Then his mom got him out of jail six days later.  Talk about a lot of work and nothing to show for it.

Spider-Man (Japan) Opening in Hope of Gaming Google

Here is a video of something