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Andy Warhol interviews Frank Zappa without saying one word

So you might be thinking I like Andy Warhol, and you're right I do like him a little. I mean at some point I'm going to put every piece of video ever captured of him on this site, so yes, just a tiny bit. So here is Andy Warhol interviewing Frank Zappa without say one word.

I guess he kinda hated Frank Zappa for being kind of a creepy jerk to him. Read this from his diary.

Frank Zappa came to be interviewed for our TV show and I think that after the interview I hated Zappa even more than when it started. I remember when he was so mean to us when the “Mothers of Invention” played with the “Velvet Underground”— I think both at the Trip, in L.A., and at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I hated him then and I still don’t like him. And he was awfully strange about Moon. I said how great she was, and he said, “Listen, I created her. I invented her.” Like, “She’s nothing, it’s all me.” And I mean, if it was my daughter I would be saying, “Gee, she’s so smart,” but he’s taking all the credit. It was peculiar.

That thing about Moon is really off, right? Any way, I still have not got into Zappa yet. Will at some point, but not right now.

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