Star Wars: The article!

This is an article about Star Wars. Alright, we are doing it. It's gonna be a whole article about Star Wars. We can talk about all your favorite Star Wars characters from Luke Skywalker to Finn. That's right, Star Wars, the biggest film franchise that ever existed is what we are going to be talking about today. First I want to talk about the first movie. The first movie stars a young Mark Hamill and a young Harrison Ford. Both young men are in the prime of their lives.


It is fantastic. There's  even a scene with a laser sword; they call that a lightsaber, and you know in space they fly through the sucker. You think that you can't fly through that space? Man yes, this is what this movie is all about. I think man, it's a beautiful scene in the bayou. They know better than to be thinking about flying through space; people were thinking about alligators. I ain't got no worry about alligators. I worry about the Dark Side. No gator ever threatens to disturb the balance of The Force gators. They don't even have the capability to have The Force. You know who does? That Darth Vader sucka. I ain't even seen one gator talk about the Sith.


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