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Think a Trash Can is Not a Man. You're Wrong!

A trash can is a man. They both have matter.


 A trash can is the world. Gross things fall into it.


OK, try this one on for size. Outer space and a trash can are not the same thing. Wrong! They are both causing infinite exceptions.


OK, you think you know what a trash can is? Oh, you’re a poor naive idiotic fool; you know nothing because you’re the trash can without a bag in it, an empty shell.


So you're all happy now Einstein. You think you know the totality of the trash can. You are the trash without liquid in it.


You're right; you’re the trash can next to the reclining bin open to everything.


I’ll miss you trash can. I have given you everything. I know I am the cracked trash can with everything spilled out.

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