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Six Bullets to Dawn (an unmade opera)

And now Camelot is proud to reprint anunmade opera expert from that was found with in the desk of Pulitzer Prize owning reporter Jonathan Needlemeyer.

Six Bullets to Dawn

Ext- Street –night

  It’s raining as a teenaged Tesla is sighted crying while clutching his clock as crones begin to sing (all dialog is sung)


Here sits young Tesla alone and cold

As his precious clock has gone unsold

Was it because it was too bold

Or was it Edison and the lies he told


Maybe they were simply not ready for the rise over power, time and space

Or maybe they just don’t like it when that dog lost its face

But maybe it’s a chance to fix this disgrace

Tesla gets up and looks at the now destroyed museum and turns on his time machine, and all time begins to rewind.


Now he must go back in time to see how he lost this science race.

Tesla now sees himself talking to his best friend in the world, Edison, with their booths standing side by side.

Int.  Museum. Day                            


Here stands Tesla with a smile on his face six hours ago with his friend and inspiration Edison.

Teddy Roosevelt walks up.


Hi, the name is Edison, Mr. President, and when you see this invention you’re going to surely yell sarltine, but be assured, because when  you are about to hear these words spoken by the dead for sure.

Edison gives Teddy a respter to listen. 


                    (Throwing his voice)

The name nbleain I lost a the waterloo 1852

Teddy gives an annoyed look at Edison


I mean 1854.

Teddy walks up to Tesla


Mr. President, this invention will blow you away. There is no way it can make you feel dumb.

Tesla snaps his fingers and the museum begins to split open, and a giant platform rises out as a T-Rex is revealed


This is Dawn, named after her place in time

She is looking at throwing a mine

That lets her travel in time


Unfortunately Edison, the man with a spine

 Snuck up and scared her out of her mind

Edison slaps Dawn on the back as hard as he can. Then Dawn goes insane and kills a dog.        


Teddy, acting fast, takes his gun, and after six blasts go off, there are six bullets in Dawn.

Then Tesla sets the time machine back to present.

                Ext street-night              


Now that I know the truth I swear that Edison will be Tayichiud to my great Khan.

It's then once again Jonathan Needlemeyer.  Disappeared some were here


No Trisha, me oversleeping and missing the protest was not that big of a deal

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