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The Top Five Real Alien Abductions

Number One: the Alice Letting incident

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Alice had married young; she had no real plans for anything but that.  Neither she nor her husband Jonathan ever thought much about leaving their small town. She settled for a life of cooking and raising children, one day she quite unexpectedly poked herself with a sewing needle, just enough so that a drop of blood came out. She kept doing it each and everyday. She never told anybody about it, not even a friend of hers from church or an older lady. She never told them what she had planned in the next few years after her children had left the house, her friend had no real answer to that. Alice was abducted a year later.


Number two: the Bob Johnson incident  

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 Bob Johnson had been married for 15 years to his wife Mary Johnson. They had a good life with two kids, but one day Bob got home from work and stayed in his car for an extra two minutes. It was then he realized that it wasn't only today that he was doing this; it was every day, and he realized the reason was because this was the only time he was ever truly happy. He put his head on the steering wheel and realized that he didn't love his wife, not truly. He picked himself up and went in the house and never bothered to share this revelation with anybody. Three years later he was taken by aliens.


Number Three: the Jonathan Lincoln incident

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  His coworkers didn't realize he had to run back in to grab his keys. They didn't even notice he was there. They probably would not have said those things if they had, but they did and he heard them. It was then that Jonathan knew what they thought of him. If they had thought of him as a friend or at least a competent worker it would have been okay, but nope, he was the black guy. That's all he would ever be. He wanted to be angry; he wanted to yell; he didn't. That's when the second horrifying revelation hit him. He was a coward. He would never be able to stand up for himself, and he would let himself be walked on by everyone he would meet. He didn't go home that night; he went to a bar and drank in silence, just staring at the wall, contemplating the crown molding. He tried to apologize to his wife the next day, but they got into a fight. They got over it mostly, not totally. They were never really the same though, and for the rest of his life he would carry the quiet despair with him. He was taken by aliens sometime later.


 Number Four: the Sarah Klein incident

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 She was an old woman of about 70 at the time. She would lay motionless in her hospital bed for  hours on end. She wasn't waiting for anybody; she knew nobody would come, mostly she was unknown. She didn't have any regrets; she didn't have really anything. She just knew she would close her eyes one day and never open them, and that that day was approaching very soon. She was taken by the aliens sometime later.


 Number Five: the Clara and Michael Anderson incident  

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 They never mentioned his name again. They didn't mention the way he smiled, the way he could never eat cereal without making a mess, how they both had a deep unfillable void, how they never bothered to mention any of that stuff again. They would hold each other several times; that was it though. They just kept going; they never bothered to do it again. They never bothered to do much again. They just got into a rut that they could work with. That was enough for them. They were taken by aliens some time later.

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