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The trick to Cloning World Leaders

Think about having a clone of any world leader to do your bidding. This was the dream of Doctor Joey Nightmare from the time she was at Harvard and she couldn't make it to a role playing game session because she needed to study. She realized that if a powerful world leader told the dean she didn't need to do homework she wouldn't have to do any. Also maybe there was something else that she could do with the clones of world leaders, but she couldn't think of it.

So she quit Harvard to go to the small island paradise of Aruba to set up a small little charming lab right on the beach for her experiments. She spent a lot of time working with a bunch of useless side paths that did contribute much to her ultimate goal, but they sure were fun, like that one time she took a DJ class, or the other time when she grew her own oranges.  

Living, laughing, loving, she had to go back to the world domination grind. Then one day she was beating up her thinking car - the old car she bought just so she could beat it up with a baseball bat - and it was then that as Archimedes of Syracuse in the bath she hit on the idea. This was the one idea that could turn her from a simple student trying not do a lot at Harvard and waiting to have a word leader do what you want into someone vastly more important. Maybe she could try and, and, and ....

"Yes, I should open up a theme park," said Joey Nightmare

"No that wasn't it," Joey thought the next day in the middle of her tango improv class. She hit on it. Yes she could take......

"I could take over the world," said Joey Nightmare.

"Well, I don't know what this has to do with this Starbucks," said one of her improv troop mates. So she left that stage in the middle of the show with six people watching, and went right to her lab. Eating an orange she watched a video on YouTube, and then cloned the Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman,

the Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman

who looks a lot like a teddy bear. She then replaced him, but it was a disaster for her because he did not do anything different and just acted the same way the Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman acted. But she had done it; she had cloned him. Then a day later the original Eman got free. Doina Elizabeth Neagoy, who is married to Mike Eman, had to shoot one them after they both fought on top of a building and they both had said that no they were both originals. She demanded that the real one had to say something that only the Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman could know, and  Doina Elizabeth Neagoy shot the clone.

So just a flop of cloning all together, so Joey Nightmare did it a few more times. So much so that Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman and Doina Elizabeth Neagoy were just sick of it, and she got kicked out of Aruba. So the next stop would be Berlin, North Dakota to try some one lower scale. That would be Doug Burgum, the Governor of North Dakota.

Doug Burgum The Governor of North Dakota

It worked for the most part, but that's when Johnny Law became aware of Joey Nightmare's activities. Johnny Law the owner of Law Corp., a corporation that specializes in what some would call mad-science-related activities, and now they've decided to pass on her findings to the  consumer with the World Leader Cloning Home Kit. You too can clone your own world leader for just a simple payment of $995 to the Law Corporation. I'm serious, a hooded figure that knows  something about something will show up at your house with a small bead and from there it's a simple 30 step procedure, and if you don't get arrested, or if we don't get arrested, you should be able to do something with it. 


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