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Five characters that were secretly gods ```````

chief from wonder woman was napi

1. Chief from Wonder Woman was Napi

No really, that's a real deal. You doubt me - look at this if it does not  discomfort you to look at a Twitter conversation. I can not figure out how to embed from Eugene Brave Rock.

That is super cool, right? I think ..... yes, I just saw Wonder Woman. Hey it took me two months to see Guardians of the Galaxy, so it takes me a while to see things.

the batman The Batman movie serial

2. robin from the batman 1943 15-chapter serial was really the god BiLl

Yes, from the deeply unpopular first live action showing of Batman that missed the mark so hard on everything that it made Batman no longer be Bruce Wayne, playboy millionaire. Rather he was Jeff Kemp FBI Agent and former minor league ballplayer who had a deep hate of the Irish. He would have many parts where he would stop the movie to talk about how we all should buy glow in the dark water which was found later to cause cancer. This was not the Batman many now are aware of, but the bone headed distinction was in the last episode revealing that Robin was really BILL, a minor deity and the God of Lakes.


tom cruise young shirtless endless love

3. Tom Cruise in Endless Love was Cu Chulainn

In Tom Cruise's very first role he played a small part in the forgotten Brook Shields movie Endless Love, a movie so boring that even though you may have written down the plot to it six times, you may have forgotten that you have read it. The only thing to really talk about is when a young Tom Cruise shows up for a second and says he is the Irish god and hero Cu Chulainn, takes off his shirt, then sits down on the grass. The main characters are not in this part and never interact with him. Many think a different movie was mistakenly edited into this one and no one noticed because the movie was so boring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in  Hercules in New York  in his first role young shirtless

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York is Hercules

In Arnold Schwarzenegger's first role, as Hercules in New York, this one is hard to notice if you're not paying close attention to a few hints that take place in the movie.

In this scene you can see how the main character says that his name is Hercules. That was director and host of Actors on Acting Arthur Allan Seidelman's small clue of Hercules' divine origin.

david thewlis as ares in  wounder women

5. david thewlis has played ares in everything

A little know fact about David Thewils' acting career is that by staggering coincidence he has only ever played the war god Ares. From his small role in the The Big Lebowski to his role in Anomalisa, look at the this cut scene from the screen play of Anomalisa:



No. No.

He kisses her.

Oh God. Oh my God. Thank you.


Thank you.

Will you--will you kiss me again?


I hope to. also did mention I was Aries the Greek god of war




Well I am lets never bring it up again




So it is no wonder that when it came time to cast him in the role in Wonder Woman they got the expert.




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