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Spoilers For Stranger Things season 2

1. The season will have a shocking twist ending where they  reference something from the 2000's

2 . A reviewer will nervously bring up the film Super 8 and we will all stay quiet in case someone brings up something else

3. 11 will have to fight an evil mirror version of herself called 11

4. The Department of Energy will now also be the Department of Energy and Funk

5. It will be a show you liked until nobody would shut the hell up about it for one never ending year

6. A monster will happen to walk by

7. Winona Ryder will star in it

8. Barb

9. they will not really talk about how creepy that one kid was for taking those peeping tom pictures - that was weird and I felt the show never really talked about it

10. Hey! A score inspired by Jon Carpenter!

11. You still will never be a kid again try as you might

12.  It's the trailer for Stranger Things Season 2


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