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Can You Control Deer With Your Mind: JFK Could

“The deer are as the rain. I can control both of them with my mind.” It is a quote from John F. Kennedy. Ah, Jack Kennedy during the reign of Camelot - the swaggering charisma, the youthful energy, and the feeling that America was embracing the future. We occasionally hear of Camelot, and like to look at our namesake.


Today we look at JFK’s often asserted claim that he could control both rain and deer with his mind. First said in an interview with Time magazine when he was running for senator in Massachusetts, it didn’t become one of his more well-known sayings, and it was always sort of said as a wry joke with a small twinkle in his eyes, but, then again, deer would often appear at the White House. And Bobby would even say that every once in a while if he was there late at night and he was roaming around he would often be followed by this mysterious elk, staring at him, and then a storm would come. It is unknown where Kennedy got this idea from. Many theorize it was that time during World War Two when he was lost for over 2 weeks in a mysterious castle in Germany, the one the locals had rumors about.


But anyways, this was a quick look at some of JFK’s wisdom.

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