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Andy Warhol interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund on WWE

look at this Andy Warhol the pop artist master Andy Worhol Andy Worhol Andy Worhol The Campbell soup painting artist man on WWE the son of the WWF. he is even being interviewed by a man who's Picture is in a Hall of Fame Mean Gene Okerlund. its for The War to Settle the Score with Cyndi Lauper, Mr.T, mario , and hulk hogan the best of the best. 

yes do you ever see the Marilyn Monroe panting that Andy Warhol and think he needs to be on the WWE well guess what here Andy Warhol on the WWE. were dose it say in any Andy Warhol biography movie dose it say that none not even on the Andy Warhol website nothing. It was by Mean Gene Okerlund who is on T-Shirt. When Mean Gene Okerlund born did he think that he Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Andy Warhol on WWE The son of the WWF. also look in the back it's Mr.T, Hulk Hogan, Captain Lou Albano, Mario , and Cyndi Lauper but you what and their in background as Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Andy Warhol on the WWE. well this long rambling post about Andy Warhol on the wwe it's like say random idea I'm using this post to to learn about google screech seo's - nope this an article on ANDY WARHOL WWE article is just insane ramblings of some doctor who lives in small cabin in the arctic rim. maybe I Should say something real about this video. 

I think it rings true that Andy Warhol was a fan of the wwe -not for that- you know how pop art is all about taking low art and showing the beauty of it, so he was being in total caterer of him. so art student writing a paper about how this video makes ask what is art don't write that write something else. you think this would be the end of this artical about Andy Warhol guess what no Andy Warhol WWE/WWF is still going on on on and the old Andy Warhol stone still has alot of blood in it.

Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Andy Warhol if I could these othe colors I would.

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