A Look Back At Skyrim

This an Older Game to review, but I want to give a small retrospective on the video game Skyrim, the scariest game I’ve ever played. I decided, as mostly when I play a video game fantasy to be an archer, because as a child I was an expert archer.

Fun story. I was an alternate for the Olympic team in archery. I didn’t make it, but it brings back fond memories of my Grandfather yelling at me consecutively. I never could really understand what he was saying because of his thick accent, and because he refused to learn English or teach me Estonian. So, I never understood why, but, I just learned to live with it, and I just assumed those yelling fits wherein he got three heart attacks were positive encouragement of me. So I decided to be an archer, and as I was roaming in Skyrim, ready to take my first shot at a tree to improve my marksmanship, which is what I assumed Skyrim is mostly about –becoming marks person, I accidently shot a deer.

I was heartbroken. I killed a deer in a video game. I tried to bury it in a grave and give it a good burial, but apparently there is no grave burying in Skyrim, so I lit it on fire and set it free on a river, crying out to it, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”


                                                           I give Skyrim a 20 out of 10. It was the scariest game I’ve ever played, because it showed the true bleakness of the human condition.

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