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I Watched Every Episode of The Amazing World of Gumball to Write about it, not because I Love it

I watched every episode of The Amazing World of Gumball to write about it because I am a grown-up, not a fan of this cartoon. If you think otherwise you are a mad person.

So like an episode could start with a bunch of colors and there is a blue cat Gumball named for a treat. He is also a cat who is blue. And now there is his brother who is named Darwin, and get this, he is a fish with legs!

Then there is everyone else, and you know how cartoons get you to know things animated, but now follow me on this. This show don't care for rules man, it does what it wants, and you can't stop them man, because they are not from America.

Long live a fair and just Social Democracy, and may Gumball keep doing his blue cat thing 'til the sun burns out. Then there will be a next generation type with gumball kids as the main and wiser heads of the family, and Darwin will live on the couch.

Gumball Watterson (blue cat)

I love it. It's all a great ride to the future where we will all be gumballs. I might make this an all-gumball website. Then again, the future is unknowable like the unexpected twist of Gumball episode The Void. I love everyone. You're all great.

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