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The Redacted Bar and Grill

   So all my friends have been saying “The Redacted Bar and Grill is the best bar and grill I’ve ever been to." In fact, oddly enough, they’ve been saying it in those exact terms, and they’ll just repeat it over and over again when I ask them that. Okay, don’t call me a food luddite. I like trying the new hip and exciting places so I asked them, “Where is this place?”

   After assuring me that it is the best bar and grill, they said, “Oh, don’t worry. You’ll find it soon enough,"which is, you know, odd. But sure enough, I went to bed one night, and I woke up, and suddenly I was being escorted to a table by a very lovely person, whom I assumed was a person, and they said, “Oh, you’re at Redacted Bar and Grill.” So, I bet you’re wondering, “What is the Redacted Bar and Grill like?” Well, it’s pure white. There is only one table, and the menu only serves a dish called Meat.

     So I ordered the meat, and the waiter told me, “Great choice.”  So I got the meat, and well, the meat didn’t seem to taste like any   meat I’d ever had before. It tasted kind of like, sterile. After I had taken 1.2 bites they said, “Well, that’s it for you,” and they blindfolded me and left me in the middle of the road somewhere 20 miles out of town.


I give The Redacted Bar and Grill a 15/10!

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