The Greatest Television Shows Ever, According to Me: Profit

The Greatest Television Shows Ever, According to Me: Profit

It's never easy being the first one out there. Often, the first one out there in battle is the guy that they're not a fan of. They just kinda hope that they get killed, and that the enemy wastes a bunch of bullets on that dude. So that the new dudes rush through who have all the cool stuff win.

What I'm saying is Profit was ahead of its time. Profit TV show. It's about a young man who dreams of success and the American Dream, by the name of Jim Profit. Jim has just been promoted to junior executive at Gracen & Gracen, a multinational conglomerate. Now people don't say Gracen & Gracen is the most moral of companies. In fact, it may be slightly unmoral. But Jim Profit, there's a many that's perfectly fit to be there in totality. Raised in a cardboard G&G shipping box with a hole cut out to view only Jim will do anything to get to the top whether it's murder, bribery, blackmail. I really should have ended with murder because murder is the way to bigger things.

This is the precursor to all great American TV shows nowadays. Starring Adrian Pasdar, the guy from Heroes who somehow doesn't enjoy flying, and co-created by David Greenwalt and John McNamara. It's one of those brilliant, bleak shows where the hero unambiguously a villain. Get this, this is a crazy thing, it was made in 1996. The question is the morality of it wasn't too bleak for 1996 audiences on television.

Well, according to a few sources, local Fox affiliates were calling him 'Satan in a Suit', which is a great tagline. If Fox had any adrenaline or courage, that would have been the new tagline. Unfortunately it seems like it was at least for broadcast ways. Then again, fuck Aaron Spelling I guess, because he kind of torpedoed it. I honestly think they would have tried to keep it on, but Aaron Spelling was the golden child, whatever. Screw it.

Let's just talk about the show itself. Eight episodes, each of them fantastic. It starts with Jim getting his new boss thrown in prison. What's great about it is Jim is kind of a nightmare person who kills two in the series, sells one into slavery. What's interesting is that Jim actually has a really great character progression. First, he is ruthlessly ambitious. His whole goal throughout the series is to become a high ranking executive. He's only a junior ranking executive, but he wants to be in charge of the entire division of the company that he's in. At the end of the series, he gets the opportunity but he's like Nah, I don't wanna do it because I believe in family too much. This is after he's murdered at least one of them and has broken up the marriage of another.

Another thing I always liked it the secretary that Jim gets, he totally corrupts her. She's just an innocent person initially, but damn, man does he turn her into a willing participant particularly in selling the guy to slavers. There's a lot of great episodes. I found them all on YouTube. Watch Profit, it's an interesting show that was unfairly canceled. Watch it and experience the future of television, man.

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