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The last speech John Cleves Symmes gave during his expedition to find a hole into the hollow earth.

fellows, fellows. I know everybody down because of the whole we are in the middle of the Antarctic and we are all dying and it's painful, listen to me. I am not liking the lack of respect that I'm being given as this expedition's leader. It's almost as if you guys do not even believe that the earth is hollow and there's little men who live in it now. I am just worried about what we're going to say to President John Quincy Adams when we return as heroes.

john quincy adams

What's he gonna say when I have to tell him, my heart, full of sadness that a bunch people were being spoiled sports and always saying as, "I do not think it's real and I think Symmes has gone crazy." You'll look as the bigger idiots. Not me. You'll look as such big idiots and everybody will look down on you. Your wives won't love you anymore.

Listen. I know what we have all been thinking.  Why do we not just eat Greg? Well guys, Greg is a good person and we will not resort to cannibalism and we will not kill Greg no matter times he keeps telling us the same story about meeting George Washington over and over again Greg. Yes we could so eat Greg so easily, but we're not going to because we're good people. So, keep going.

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