Do you own Al Capone's Favorite T-shirt, You Just Might.

Al Capone the most notorious Chicago gangster in recent files to favor a particular brand of t-shirt that displayed his favorite science fiction and sci-fi character but his number one shirt was of Bugs Bunny, in fact many Chicago land gangsters recall fondly the t-shirts that Al Capone wore or not so fondly in the case of the famous Jelly Donut Massacre, where Al Capone killed 86 different gangsters for getting jelly on his favorite t-shirt of Bugs Bunny.

 Al Capone

The fierce rivalry between the Chicago and New York gangs was also rumored to be started when Lucky Luciano was spotted by Al Capone wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. It was in those dark years that the police would refer to it as the Disney versus Warner Brother gangland wars. Disney and Warner Brother animators were frequently escorted by armed police guards. And to this day Disneyland employs numerous snipers to ever vigilantly watch over those precious, precious lovely animators that we must protect as Americans.

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