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Dan Slott is an Inhuman Monster.

Dan Slott is an inhuman monster. That's right, current Spiderman writer/Silver Surfer writer and obsessive Googler is an inhuman monster. Often, he'll be reported to be flying around Middle Eastern villages dropping bomb on them. Dropping bombs on innocent people, he's an evil monster. I mean just look at him.

Dan Slott current Spiderman writer/Silver Surfer writer

That's what he looks like. Oh no, oh no.

I thought he was this.


Oh no, I mixed up Dan Slott with a drone. Oh no. I made another mistake, I'm sorry Dan Slott. Makes sense because- I'm sorry, I once again very much apologize to Dan Slott. I now know he is not a drone. And it also occurs to me that Dan Slott probably does not have the ability to fly at Mach five speeds.

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