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You're Reading This Headline, Then Click on It.

 You find yourself awake in a rapidly sinking car. You have no memory of how you got into this particular situation, or even what you’ve been doing for the last three days. You search in your pockets and you find three things: a set of matches from a club, a bloody tissue, and a pocket knife. You use the pocket knife to stab at the car window and escape, and you ask yourself, “How did I get into this situation and who wants me dead?”

And then you remember ,“Of course, I know exactly who wants me dead - Carl Mundo.” That’s right, your old geography teacher, Carl Mundo. He was a jackass in high school. He thought he’d be friends with you because he was your age, but Carl Mundo doesn’t forget. Carl Mundo, of course, as you would later find out, was secretly in One of the Boys in Brazil, yes, literally Hitler taught you geography.

You form a plan, a devilish and fiendish plan. You forget about that plan. You form a better plan, even more devilish and fiendish, but this time a brilliant plan. You return to the sleazy off-kilter Motel 6. You rent it, because sometimes you need to get away from the rational, conventional world that we’ve all been pushed into by the corporation machine, and plot to bring down the Fourth Reich once and for all.

You quickly forget about that plan as they’re airing a rerun of your favorite television show The Love Boat. You remember watching it as a kid, and enjoying it thoroughly. There was that one time that one of the guests was played by the villain from Home Alone Three. You always remember that man’s name - Carl Mundo. That’s right, Carl Mundo has been chasing you all your life.

You get back to planning. You’ll need supplies, so many supplies. You call your underworld supplier - your office mate Dave. That’s right, Dave has thorough connections to the underworld. He’s an avid D and D player, if D and D stands for drugs and death, and dragons.

You enter a small room with a small door. You open the door; a man’s eyeball comes clear into view, and the man says to you, “The fallen one sees through the eye.” You answer in kind, because you know this answer because it was a tattoo you found yourself on your body. Clearly, this was the answer. You say, “Because man only can see the eye.”

The door closes, and you hear an unlocking mechanism and it opens. Inside you find what you’ve been looking for all your life - a happy, loving, reassuring family. They beckon you like a ... call,  but you know this is a trap. You rip open who would have been your significant other and you find, yes, a button. They were robots the entire time. You press that button, and in opens the underground. Yes, the underground society - a pure photo negative of the society Upground. In this society everybody runs backwards.

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