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The Greatest Television Shows Ever, According to Me: Archer.

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This is an occasional thing I want to start doing now where I talk about the greatest television shows ever made, at least according to me. Let's start out with a nice, A. It feels an appropriate start, even though this won't be in alphabetical order or nothing.

Talk about one of my favorite shows or all time, Archer. A guy on the internet liking Archer? whatever. I've lost the point of what I was trying to say there, but anyways. I like Archer. I, in fact, really like Archer. I almost like every aspect of Archer. Archer. I love the inexplicable costuming of all the characters that seems to be from the 50s, yet we're in the modern era. I love the retro style, and I love the humor, which is casual, and funny, and a little gross. I honestly just like everything about it.

I think to myself, I was thinking about because I'm rewatching it again. It's one of those shows that is kind of always, I'm always kind of rewatching. You know, when you're tired, and you just want to watch something you know you like, you watch Archer, because that's the show I love.

I think the first place, is in a love of spy movies that I have. I love James Bond. I love all spy movies, because all spy movies are wonderful. The humor is something I would describe, and I know there's probably endless articles talking about this, and I don't care, I want to talk about what I like. What I like is funny, unexpected humor that reveals deeper characterization. Like, if you take a look at Archer, he's a drunken jerk, but there's a running consistency that he has a deep affection for animals, and any time that comes up it's inexplicably funny to me, but it speaks of true ideas, I guess, or true thoughts in a way.

It's great. I's awesome. I love the entire cast. I'm just not going to mention them because I don't know them off the top my head right now. You know, comedies, good comedies, and I truly believe this, good comedies know the fact that you don't have to sacrifice characterization for humor. I think Archer does that really well. The thing that I also like, and listen, I love the entire thing, and this is a gushing, fanboy proclamation of things I like.

I very rarely ever say in a television show, "Yes, I love it, I love it, I love it! I just want more of it!" And that was during Archer noir. Which, I get the sense that a lot of people don't like it, and I get why they don't like it. But I appreciate it. I honestly, just appreciate it. I knew it for what it was. It was a season of Archer that did something totally unexpected, and that's what I liked. I don't know. I know noir things. I like everything, I guess is my main I like everything about it. It's a good show. I believe it's a good opening for me just discussing shows I want to discuss, because I want to, and I feel like it. Archer! I'd give it a solid recommend, but honestly, I don't really need to recommend it.

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